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Cas Long
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I refer to the on-going thread of "Training With Women"; I do not want to be argumentative for the sake of it, but I
do notice that most of the respondents on the original post are male, in a discussion that is primarily about women.
(guys, this is good!)

Can we candidly ask (is this Sexist & against the ethos of your Site?), as to whether
or not, women should "be allowed" to practice Aikido on on equal basis as male
I do not wish to start a "war", but to ascertain where women stand in terms of
our practice as serious Aikidoka, now that women appear to to equal to men in
all other sociological respects.

Many thanks to all in advance & please be as honest as you can.....

Would we be having the same discussion
relating to other sections of the community...or are women "fair game"?

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