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Hi Maki Otoshi,

Rachel hit the nail on the head here: "They are offering you a lesson in patience and understanding ..."

I just read somewhere recently a quote from Maya Angelou...."If you can't change something that's bothering you, change the way you think about it."

Hope it helps,
I don't know about the original poster, but your suggestion was inspirational. I try to incorporate the principles of aikido into my everyday life.

This morning, a coworker was telling me that she found one of her clients masturbating naked and moaning in a room. For some strange reason, she seemed disturbed.

I suggested she be flattered that a client would make her a part of his sexual fantasy. I also suggested she graciously accept his actions as a compliment.

Unfortunately my coworker isn't very patient nor understanding. She's still going to be bothered by her client's actions because she won't change the way she thinks about it.

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