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Re: A Zazen question and some worries

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So, I wanted to post something here first to see if anyone can help. I am looking for:
If I should bring this up with members of my dojo or the people at the retraet
The best way to bring this up with members of my dojo
What has been your experience with this in the past? I see examples of diabilities all through popular media (Boston Legal, e.g., Monk...) It would seem to me that acceptance and willingness to work with such things would be at an all time high. (But you would know this better than I.)

Other forums or resources that might be better for this question
Have you friends/acquaintances with the same condition? Wouldn't they be a better resource for this question?
Any other suggestions that you feel might be helpful

I am trying to sit daily and increase the time I sit each day so I can have more experiense sitting for longer periods of time before the retreat. I think this will help.
It seems like you're on top of it. I hope that talking it out with the principals works, that's what I FEEL is best, but again, I don't have YOUR experiences.

Good luck and let us know what develops.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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