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Re: Pros and Cons of Video

The flip side of viewing video in slow motion is to view it in fast playback. Seeing good strikers work at 115% or 125% speed really makes your eyes/brain pay close attention. After even a few minutes regular speed or live action appears painfully slow. I cannot recommend mixing slow motion and fast motion because the differences are so great that it makes my head hurt so I generally alternate days or weeks of slow mo versus fast mo.

There are some technical problems because fast playback is not implemented the same in all video players. The good stuff does alter the time base and ups the frame rate from 28 or 30 frames per second (fps) to 35 or 40 fps for smooth fast action. The not so great ones actually drop a few frames without altering the frame rate-the result is jerkiness apparent in the motion.

After a viewing session working on the mat does really seem easier as everyone seems to move a bit slower but eventually the perception matches the speed and things are back to normal. After a couple of months of such activity I do seem to read movements a bit me clearly and can react earlier that before so it seems to be working for me. As long as real progress is evident I will keep using this method as an adjunct to my usual training regimen.

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