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Bruce Baker
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remember how you got here

I must say, that you should reflect on the the beginner's difficulty in learning, opposed to the ease of executing movements or techniques after years of practice?

Don't you use less and less effort, less movement, and apply less physical force the more you train?

I certainly do.


If you remember your first classes as a beginner, you will remember those struggling days opposed to the lessening difficulty as training goes on. It is unbelievable the simplicity it takes to do your modern Aikido compared to those early days.

So too, many of the big circles can be made smaller, not all ... but most, and openings for other distractions and pain submissions will present themselves as you increase your knowledge of human anatomy, learn to use intuitive guess work to lesson your physical force, and train your responses so they are not hampered by complex thoughts that get in the way of transitional flow.

I was at Barnes and Noble, wandering about, and found a very interesting book that has the advice of many master fighters ... believe it or not ... much of what they say is comparitive to what O'Sensei says throughout his life?

If you find a copy of "The Bible of Karate: Bubishi" put together by Patrick McCarthy, pick it up and read it. It will open you eyes to many things you think you are learning in Aikido, and bring new light to some of your simple practice techniques ... that is if you aren't already amazed at the depth of Aikido for being a much more deadly fighting art?

I don't advocate violence, but being aware of what is out there, what capabilities Aikido has ... well ... beter to know than not know.

As for the pillars of Aikido .... If you have tried to find out what the hell I am talking about, then in merely looking, you have begun to expand the pillars of Aikido.

Continue ... and may you find even more.

I have to watch wrestling with my kids. Its one of the few things we still have in common as they evolve into young adults.

Catch ya, later.
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