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Bruce Baker
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Answer the question

I guess running away is not an option if you have already used physical force as the question implies that you have already used force?

So, in the spirit of the question, and physical force already being used, I am afraid when attacked and physical force is used ... the gorilla comes out to play, and that animal does not hold back when awakened.

In the spirit of the theoretical question, attackers would probably be seriously hurt.

Barring the fact that they are schooled in some type of fighting, or able to take ukemi, I don't think that their recovery skills would be of much help when they are slammed to the ground, injured because they resist, or fly through the air semi unconscious.


No sane person would attack me without being hurt, and I don't say it because I wish injury to anyone, but because any time I have not held back I have hurt the attacker with cracked or broken bones ... and my training in Aikido is avoid this animal, but if he should come out to play ...

FYI: One of my personal reasons to gain control of body and mind with Aikido practice.

I would guess this question is a gut check to see where you are in your own training, and what demons you are chasing?

Gut check, anyone?
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