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Re: Budget Accommodations near Hombu Dojo?

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Thank you for finding cheaper accommodation prices than the rest of us. So far I've mainly been on business trips or day trips when I've trained at the Hombu so I never had to think about the price but if I ever need to pay my own way I'll look up this thread again. Also, I'm sure you and your husband will get a warm welcome in Iwama if you take your side trip.

Thanks, Carl! Believe me, Jon and I are extremely excited at the prospect of going to Japan to train (it's been a mutual dream of ours for some time now) so will make every effort to make a side trip to Iwama happen just for that! Right now, however, it all comes down to finances (ie. if we can afford extra time in Japan) and whether or not I can somehow "dummy-proof" our means of getting to Iwama and back from Tokyo...I can honestly say that I'm a little intimidated by the Japanese transportation system given that I know very little Kana.

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