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Re: dojo frat boys

I have been training for about 7 months now and enjoy the benefits Aikido has brought to my life.

Recently when talking to a senior dan female student I was informed of a similar situation at our dojo.
I was unaware of the situation (being a white belt I am not a part of any social circles yet) but when I was told about the situation I started to notice it.

On one occasion one of the "frat boys" was inviting the other frat boys to a party right in front of all the other students, most of whom were not invited. I found it quite rude and offensive, he could have at least kept the invitation private if he had no intention of inviting those who were not it the "in group".

It is also aparent that they don't want to train with the female students, or people outside their circle.

On the posetive I get to train with the female students who I find to be better to train with as they are more technical and less agressive. The frat boys tend to slam beginers and don't show respect to their Uke.
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