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Re: Teaching in the times of lawsuit.

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
1 question:
Where are the parents?
They just drop them off and thats it?

Here the parents come, sit on the benches and watch.
The kids train on one part of the mat while the adults on the other part.

Sounds like parents need to get more involved in what they are letting their kids do.



maybe the parents should take Aikido.
Im teaching my kids as I learn and as they show interest.
Believe it or not, Dalen, some parents will only step in the dojo to seek informations and enroll the child. After that, you do not see them anymore. They drop the child in front of the school, watch him walk in and drive off. The child learns to stay around the door after the class so he can hear the horn of his parent's car. He is to then just step in the car, and off he goes. Often the adult does not even check that the kid did not forget anything. Upon arriving home, they will have a fit when they discover that the kid forgot to take his uniform, or the clothes he was wearing when he was dropped off, or even his shoes. Some kids train for years at a dojo without any adult inside the dojo being able to remember what his parents look like. You just learn to recognize the car. And it's even worst when the parents are so busy that the kid is in the care of a chauffeur.
Well, the good news is, those parents are precisely the harmless ones. The dangerous ones are those who sit nervously to watch the class, trying to find any reason to complain about the instructor. Those are people who either have psychological problems, or need money. They are the ones to watch for.
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