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Re: Pros and Cons of Video

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
After I read "Seeing yourself how others see you - Videotaping yourself " thread I thought this might be a good topic or expansive one on the uses of video as a part of training.

How has watching videos of others (in your dojo, or the likes of O'Sensei) helps or hurts. What to avoid, the pitfalls, what you don't like, etc. and how to get the benefits, the pros, what you do like etc.
Well, as I pointed out in the thread I started...
A video watching yourself can be quite eye opening.
(It can help you catch exactly what it is you feel is wrong, but can pin point.) Of course, having the correct method being demonstrated is a must.



Im not limited to just video...take whatever you need to get the job one.
I use Aikido 3D, watch videos of others on YouTube...get written tips well as going to practice - but there's nothing like actually seeing what it is that I am doing to top it all off.

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