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George Fowler
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Re: Why do we bow in Aikido?

This is my first post on this forum. I have been practicing Aikido for about three years in Dallas, Tx.

When I first started, I was told that when you bow in at the beginning of class you are cleansing yourself of all the thoughts and troubles of the outside world in order to train single-mindedly. As well as opening or "tilting" the receptacle of your mind/body/spirt to more readily accept transmission of input from the teacher.

I was also made aware that certain traditional aspects of our study are derived from traditional Japanese religious practices (such as the single hand claps, flowers by the shomen, etc.) While I am sure we do many things in the dojo without knowing the exact meaning or implication, I believe the same could be said about everyday life in America. Examples include Christmas trees, neck ties and the notion of a popularly elected president.

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