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Re: Kingfisher and SDK supplies comparison pics

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

I own a Kingfisher bokken and SDK jo and my husband owns the opposite (Kingfisher Jo and SDK bokken) --- I'd say that although we love the quality, weight and balance of our Kingfisher weapons the most, we highly recommend the SDK weapons for great quality if you're on a budget and so many of the members of our dojo have ordered from SDK in the past.

One thing I really do appreciate, however, about SDK above that of Kingfisher is the ability to purchase a 1.25" diameter jo (instead of the usual skinny 1" ones) --- in particular that because they have to cut down a Bo blank for this, I was able to get my jo at a length properly customized to me (as I'm only 5'1" this is tough to find)!

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