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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Ichiro Shishiya sensei

Mathias Lindqvist wrote: View Post
Wow this is an old thread i donīt even remember starting.

I have been training for Shishiya sensei since my first seminar with him in 2002 and have also travelled to Japan to train for him.

Shishiya sensei is a excelent teacher and a truly wonderfull man. I advice everyone who has a chance to experience his unique Aikido to do so.

And by the way Jorge, you can see me taking ukemi for sensei in some of those videos.

The quality and length of the segments are excellent and they come across great on my computer unlike so many things on the internet. I really like what he says (in the english interpretations) and have learned some really cool moves from watching him.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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