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Hmm...hard to say: since I don't run as fast as Aleksey, it would depend on how out of breath I was from running while calling 911 on my cell and screaming 'fire' at the top of my lungs. Of course, I don't know what in the world I'd be doing in a place where I needed to worry about being attacked in the first place, unless sent there by the military, and in that case it wouldn't be Aikido in my heart but a 9mm in my hand.

The closest I've come is a would-be suitor, who wasn't hurt, but then he gave up pretty easily once I flipped him off of me and he found his hand (well fingers)in a sankyo pin... of course, he was moderately sober and didn't want to get hurt. I think that would be the case with an unknown attacker: my skills not being so great, if I did something sucessfully it probably wouldn't hurt my attacker, as they don't put so much energy into an attack that they can't handle it coming back at them, and I don't tend to add much energy to the mix. Not sure what I do with a 240 pound male attacking me with every ounce of strength, but they just don't seem to do that when attacking a 110 pound female.

The thing about falls is correct, but I'm more inclined to do something that keeps me in contact (to be able to pin and discuss a mutal end to the conflict) rather than a throw (which lets them get up and come at me again), more guiding to the ground rather than tossing across the room.

The thing is, I don't see me often doing it successfully, because at my size, I've got to do it right to do it. Maybe that's why the two times I've done it without a true partner (once with the 'suitor', once with a date who just wanted to see what Aikido was as gave me a very honest attack) it worked but didn't hurt them: Both times I lucked into 'right', which didn't seem to cause them any damage.
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