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It goes beyond just the strong victimising the weak. Bullies are not strong and their victims are not inherently weak. Strong and weak are relative terms and someone very weak can bully someone very strong if they take advantage of certain circumstances.
That is true, I agree and will change that and incorporate that into my view, and stuff. Come to think of it I have seen victims turn into bullies, ya know. And I know of victims who put an end to being a victim.

I am going to say that what is seen as weakness might just be conditioned behavior not to be aggressive in a certain way. Say, some people are raised not to talk back to a parent and if they do they suffer for it. They then become reserved and don't develop verbal skills that will stop a bully.But in another way the same person might be completely the opposite. It doesn't make them weak or anything, it just that they grew up that way. But bullies think it as weakness and that is the problem.

I don't know if Aikido is equipped to deal with helping people deal with bullies on all the levels. It would be up to each individual Sensei to teach that.

I would have to disagree with the idea bullies don't know that they are bullies. Maybe not as the victim or others see them. But the do enjoy the personal intimidation, the personal attacks verbal that intimidate and humiliate and physical. The enjoy and realize the power they exercise over their victims and don't stop at one. Some are very smooth while others are not.

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