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Re: Love training, and I have a heavy build and joint issues.

Mary wrote:
...You might want to try turmeric -- that's right, the spice turmeric. It's a really great anti-inflammatory...
Erick wrote:
...There are a number of studies over the last few years that show that these drugs slow healing of connective tissues such as tendons and cartilage (cox-2 inhibitors are even worse)...
I think that part of how the curcuminoids in turmeric work is by inhibiting Cox-2 (which, as Erick pointed out, has been shown to be important in healing) - something to think about, anyway, while perusing those colourful supplements in the health food store ...
Train safely and have fun! I'd bet that taking it easy and respecting the limits of your body at first will pay off in the long run with increased strength, stamina, and flexibility.

I am not an expert
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