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Re: Love training, and I have a heavy build and joint issues.

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Acetaminophen is NOT an antiinflammatory.
I've also heard good things about using turmeric as an anti-inflammatory but, while I cook with it a lot, haven't used it specifically for that. Mary, any details about amounts?
Everyone should take care with ibuprofen and other NSAIDS other than for just muscular ache or transient inflammation. For acute injury it is very effective, but chronic use may be counterproductive. There are a number of studies over the last few years that show that these drugs slow healing of connective tissues such as tendons and cartilage (cox-2 inhibitors are even worse).

I stopped with semi-regular ibuprofen and went on Glucosamine and my twingy shoulder is much better now. Everyone over forty who does serious physically stressful work or exercise should seriously consider regular glucosamine. We stop making it (it is the nutrient used to grow new cartilage on the ends of growing bone in children and young adults) and so healing of those types of tissues is much slower unless you have supplements for what the fully adult body no longer produces.

Zinc is also very important for healing (and metabolism and immune function) and most people these days tend to be zinc deficient (that's mainly why zinc-based cold remedies work -- they provide in situ supplements for what the cells are systemically lacking).


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