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Red face Where's The Harmony?


Please be aware that if we were talking about any other group within Society,
(& particularly within the UK) that there is such a thing as the "Equal Opportunities Act" within Law.

May I stress to all my well respected colleagues featured in these Forums that
I am in particular, speaking both as a Woman and as a Female Aikidoka
therefore; I HATE to separate the sexes @ the best of times,and & find it sad that within the the world of Aikido, that women have to justify their existence on the mat, just as in the way that they fought for the right to vote....come on Guys- I never saw an Episode of "The Flintstones" where either Fred or Barney wore a hakama....

Andrew, if you treat all your Uke as equal, this is great!

Ca, women have a lot of work to do on the mat; not in terms of technique, but
in terms of attitude......

Maybe if we are seen as the "fairer sex"
we can treat all males as rare-steak-eating fighter-pilots & throw them "over-the-top" & hard in every technique, while we look after the kids in the cave,awaiting our evening meal.

This is IRONY, so please, male Aikidoka
need not respond! I would like us all
to evolve on an equal footing in our Aikido training.....maybe we need to address how women apply technique, not
only how they receive it.

I am extremely proud of my Aikido practice, because I have really worked hard in a male-dominated art, & relish
the thought of training with anyone, despite their background..........

Please let the sexes unite- this is "harmony"- the exception I would always make is training with beginnners (of either sex)

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