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Re: Kingisher and SDK supplies comparison pics

Hi David, the Kingfisher is the standard Aikiken and is about 42" long from their website. The SDK is slightly shorter, about 41" I'd say.
am sorry but don't have the weight

Sy Labthavikul, I've also realised that about hickory compared to white oak. The SDK at the moment is getting nice dents eventhough I've only used it for a few sessions over the past month :P
At the moment lookswise I love hickory, it just has alot of character on the wood. but that could also be the craftsmanship put into it
I know what you mean about shiro kashi weight. before this I was using a white oak Iwama bokken which I gave to a friend. very substantial presence compared to a hickory bokken which as you've said abit more whippy

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