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Re: Why do we bow in Aikido?

Thanks Don and Andrew,

Your insights are both valuable.

Don: I guess we are in an age of freedom and multiculturalism where people should mutually respect one another (that includes religious towards others, which is sometimes ignored), and being forced into something would spoil the fun. In Aikido, respect is essential, and if that is understood and well communicated, I guess it would work if it conflicts with ones belief to bow.

Andrew: Its funny, I was having the same discussion with my Sensei, who has no issues with Aikidokas not bowing, and I was telling him that I thought God was greater than all of this and if it is mutual respect it should be fine.

Each reply in this thread has added value to my collection of thoughts and ideas, especially when explaining the philosophy and adapting cultures, and it also brought to my attention that this philosophy cannot be forced, it has to be embraced.
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