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Re: Can anyone suggest a dojo in Maryland

Hey Garth, I am hoping to introduce a Baltimore friend to aikido, he has mentioned noticing the Light St. dojo to me. I train Aikikai, but I know the ASU dojos in general are no slouch organizations, especially between Light St and Silver Spring.

Funny enough, I started with Takeguchi sensei's group in Silver Spring. After a recent seminar with the aforementioned, I asked his opinion of introducing my friend to an ASU style. They do in fact come highly recommended, hehe.

Quick question. What's the general atmosphere and attitude to visitors. I'd like to attend a class, possibly even tomorrow if I can convince him to come along. I will double check the schedule, but can you advise on the general feel so I don't make an ass of myself? I mean, I want to wait until I attempt actual technique to make an ass of myself, but not before nor afterward

Cheers and thanks.


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