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Re: "Aiki" vs. "Ju"

Hi there this is a subject close to my heart and dealing with my understanding of aiki/ju some say may view may be to simplistic that is the principle of both aiki and ju are the same and if there is any difference its by degree not kind. I'll back this statement up with a quote from someone who is most definitely a master of the subject the late Tomiki Kenji Sensei.

In his book Aikido and Judo first published in 1956 he states...

""The meaning of "aikido." The old saying goes, "It is the spirit that carries the mind and controls the body." The people of ancient times believed that man's mind and body and consequently his strength were under the control of the spirit. Aiki means making your spirit "fit in" with your opponent's. After all it means the same thing as the "principle of gentleness," for it is an explanation of the principle from within.""

And if we were to watch video etc of masters of Judo, Ju-Jutsu and Aikido regardless of what technique I'm certain 100% there would be a commonality in their posture,movement and break of balance.

Anyway you find this helpful although im sure there is many other ways of understanding the subject and I to am looking forward to learning more about it.

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