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Re: jealous wife is cramping my teaching style

I tell her this, your wife, it is better you have this issue. It is better to have a husband that isn't obsessed with his wife, because those dudes usually kill their wives. Gruesome but true.

Second, you two got married. No matter what, she is and always will be #1, over any other woman. Nothing can change that fact, even if you both fall out of love.

Third, you can't reason with emotion. She, your wife, has strong feelings about her territory, her nest, she is being protective. Men do the same thing. It is nature. It is something you don't do in terms of emotion is get in the middle of a domestic fight between a couple, they in their emotionally state acting out of nature, both of them will turn on you. Facts of humans, we do have things in us that trigger things that has kept us around for this long and we see in other living things. So your up against that as well.

I would take what I said with a gain of salt. Am single for a reason, well at least I'd like to think that. You are up against something that is more then what can be dealt with here.

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