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Re: Ryote Tori Tips & Tricks (I Need Help)

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
it's easy to use pure muscle strength. we learned this approach most of our lives. the road to learn how to use a different kind of strength which Endo sensei displayed is a hard road to follow. it required lots of solo practice and a switching of mindset. for me it took running into folks like Endo sensei, Ikeda sensei, Howard Popkin, Mike Sigman, systema folks, and a few others to convince me of there are better ways to do aikido. that's my nickel! (had to account for inflation )
Yeah, I suppose its hard, partially due to conditioning of what we think is possible. Its only when you run into instances where it 'works' that you take a double take and start to try to figure it out. (Im getting there...)



Dig the bit about the nickel.
Gotta use that sometime myself.

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