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Re: Ryote Tori Tips & Tricks (I Need Help)

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Since you seem open to this, also try to be aware of keeping tension out of the front of your shoulders...if you start hunching forward, it is likely that your power is getting stopped in your shoulders. Try slightly pulling your shoulder blades together and focus on keeping your spine straight.

Its all coming together.
I do tend to hunch over...its like Im trying to use my upper body to push down - dont really catch this while doing it, as its 'natural' for me - but I can only imagine how 'sloppy' it looks to someone watching.

Thanks for bringing that up.
Also, its not strictly about trying to use force, per say, where the hunch comes in...its on the way down to the pin - where I should be using my legs to squat. (Again, my legs arent the strongest and are not used to going parallel, as it were, to a pinning position.)

Aikido seems to have brought up how my body doesnt really flow, per say. Weird how many 'natural' bad habbits we pick up over a life time.



Trying to think of an example.
I suppose the end of Shihonage. After you pull ukes hand/wrist in front of you, and you go down with them - I tend to hunch over, almost like your reaching over to throw something away. (Whats that about anyway?)

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