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Re: Ryote Tori Tips & Tricks (I Need Help)

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Then use the hand that you "grab" their wrist with as a guide only...not a muscular grip. Make sure you keep your elbows down and close to your body. If the elbows go out...consciously bring them back in.

Ron (sorry I can't be more clear)
Interesting that you say that.
A guy who I train with has said something along the line of, "dont use strength - only when your totally relaxed can you do the movements."

But since there is a gap in communication, due to the language spoken, I havent been able to get much more out from that.

From what I have played around with, contrary to what my mind thinks, it would seem he is on to something.

I suppose its all mechanical - as there is no magic, per say - if you oppose strength with strength, the stronger you have to go around, which ironically it seems that when your more relaxed you can.

All I can say, to further this point is this - the guy I train with is not really a strong person...but he kind of slips out of a grip. Dont know how else to put it.

Anyway, what you said reminded me of this situation a bit.
I have to admit, I still am conditioned to look at using strength with each of my moves.

I know that my Sensei has said you dont need strength, and I dont doubt it...but I have not been able to tap fully into this method of working around the strength - per say. (Really I would need more mat time that focused just on this.)

Im hoping to get some private lessons, recorded, so I can go back and review what is said. (Because there will be translation ,etc.) Right now, that is about the only way I know to move forward with the concept.



p.s. - Reflecting on my technique, I think my elbows are out...again, trying to use strength I suppose is why.

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