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Re: Why do we bow in Aikido?

hi mohammad,

in the philippines, we touch the hands of our 'elder' to our forehead. i know the bowing thing is foreign to many in the west, so i try to distill it into its simplest form

bowing in the east is a form of greeting and respect:

in the east we bow

in the west we shake hands

all over the world, dogs sniff butts.

i try not make too much out of it.

Mohammad Ahmad wrote: View Post
...Sometimes I wonder, if Aikido originated in a culture were the form of respect was to kiss the hand of forehead of your Sensei, would everyone worldwide be expected to do it?...
great point

my feeling is if its a japanese art, then japanese etiquette is followed. that's why we wear dogi and hakama in practice, and that's why all the techniques we learn are in japanese.

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