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Re: Ryote Tori Tips & Tricks (I Need Help)

But Im not really understanding the point about kokyu.
I know Kokyu-ho, and kokynage, but I have a feeling this is referring to something else.
It is supposed to be the same thing...but it often is not (unfortunately, and for me as well). You may ask Mr. S if he can describe what he means, but I also recommend you take a look in the non-aikido martial traditions section specifically for kokyu / jin / ki / kiko.

At a *very* basic level, see if you can use your mind to shift where you are supporting your hands from...not from the shoulders, but as close to the ground as possible. From there, see if you can "feel" yourself getting under uke's center. If you can feel a fairly cooperative uke getting floated up on their toes as they grab your wrists (not your hands), then you've begun to get a feel for it.

Don't think of opposing their power...think about getting under it, going around it. Then use the hand that you "grab" their wrist with as a guide only...not a muscular grip. Make sure you keep your elbows down and close to your body. If the elbows go out...consciously bring them back in.

Ron (sorry I can't be more clear)

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