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Ali Afium
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Re: direct transmission?

Sounds more like Tip-Tronic transmission to me. I should know: I have 12 Porsches with such transmissions.... but I still prefer my MG with its worn out gearbox.

I'd be surprised if anyone from your dojo responds to your post as I assume that you're talking about Ikeda Sensei. During a six month stint at Boulder Aikikai I never saw Ikeda Sensei really teach on an individual basis. He'd demo technique and then practice with whatever uke did the demo. Meanwhile, there was a free for all of dumbass, sophomoric (at best) keiko going on during class.

If you're talking about Hofmeister, well, he's got some big britches to fill as of yet.

You might benefit from reading about mid-control, cults and Shinto.
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