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Re: Ukemi off the mat

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Yaaaaaagh!! .......Straight over someones car bonnet (from my old mountain bike) perfect roll out!! ...... wouldn't want to repeat it!!

Should have seen their faces!!

Still felt like a pratt though........

Once I was hit while riding when a car made a right turn into my path (guess it would have had to be a left in the UK....)

I flipped over the hood of the car. I remember seeing my bike going through the air and made a grab for it. Then I found myself having slid off the front of the car. Somehow I'd caught the bike.

Driver got out, and shaking, asked me if I was ok. Shaking, I said I thought so. Wasn't until about an hour later that I began to feel the bruises.

Wouldn't want to repeat that either.
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