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Re: Ukemi off the mat

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
Yesterday while leaving a job site my right foot slipped on the icy front porch and I fell backward, landed on my back and slapped the concrete porch with both hands. No injuries except I was holding a four foot aluminum step ladder in my right hand. iI did not let go of the ladder when I slapped the concrete and smashed my fingers in the ladder.

Did ya feel a pratt though?

ha ha....... sorry just conjoured up slapstick funny in my mind......

Just brought back memories of when I used to work as an electrician....... At the top of an ally step ladder drilling a large hole with an extension masonry core drill through 2' thick wall and the bloody thing jammed and and the drill kept turning with me on the end of it ..... kote gaeshi by heavy duty power drill......!!

Step ladder went one way me the other...... wasn't injured though thankfully


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