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Re: Ryote Tori Tips & Tricks (I Need Help)

Hi dAlen,

Basic ryotedori calls for nage to attack with the mirror foot forward (as in gyaku hanmi). But from the attack, uke/tori can, with many techniques, work off of either hand -- e.g., ikkyo can be done with uke's leading hand or his/her trailing hand. However, the set up for each variation is different.

For this reason I'd say it's very important to train yourself to see just what version of the technique is being demonstrated, and which version(s) you're going to be held responsible to know for testing purposes.

I'd guess for shiho nage, the basic version will prove to involve the arm that corresponds to uke's leading foot. YMMV I'm not sure from your description what underlying problem you may be encountering. In addition to your working theories, you may also want to make certain you don't raise your own hands over your head as you enter and turn, but keep them in front of your head/center as you turn. Also, take uke's elbow away from his/her center as you enter and before you turn. If your entry allows uke to keep his/her elbow in front of their own center, you'll have a hard time unbalancing uke.

Ten shi nage -- basic omote the way we practice it involves sliding to the outside of uke's leading foot, with a downward cutting motion of the leading hand to the point behind uke's leading foot where he/she is unstable, and upward spiralling motion with the other arm toward the other shoulder to head area as you enter. Keep this hand in front of your center -- don't let your elbow cock behind you.

Hope that's useful information.


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