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Re: Ryote Tori Tips & Tricks (I Need Help)

- Does it matter which foot is forward?
Not at all. in the beginning it may be confusing, but later on you should be able to do any technique regardless of your position and position of an attacker. Otherwise you will never do spontanous movements.
- Which direction is best to go in?
As a basic rule, you go always outside of the forward foot of attacker(irimi). This place is safe and easy to unbalance him. Position of hands depends of actual technique, I can't see a general rule.

- Are the above two answers applicable to all the moves in Ryote Tori.

-Another point is it just seems awkward for me when I do the moves and both my hands are being held.
Simply think as only one hand is hold by attacker and forget the other one.

-Any other pointers, hip movement, etc. would be welcomed.
In the first contact you must do a kokyu, otherwise it is not possible to do any technique.


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