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Ryote Tori Tips & Tricks (I Need Help)

Had to add the disclaimer at the beginning so that no one would be under the impression I had tips for them.

Im curious if some of you can help me out with some pointers and tips and tricks to Ryote Tori.

- Does it matter which foot is forward?
(i.e. Are Uke and Nages extended foot toward each other or does it matter ?)

- Which direction is best to go in?
(i.e. - if my left foot is extended forward and I am doing Ryote Tori Shihonage, would I take my right hand and grab Ukes left? Or does it matter?)

- Are the above two answers applicable to all the moves in Ryote Tori. (i.e., Tenshinage, Shihonage, etc.)

My main point is to get the direction.

Another point is it just seems awkward for me when I do the moves and both my hands are being held.

Any other pointers, hip movement, etc. would be welcomed.

Im having issues with Shihonage in general, but I can pin point it.
It seems that its at the point that ukes arms cross my head...Im either raising his hands up or standing up to high, etc. (My body isnt in sync I guess.)




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