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Paula Lydon
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Question direct transmission?

Something I've been puzzling over: A few weeks ago a number of us went out for something to eat after class (and yes, a drink or two). Near the end of the evening one student and Sensei were discussing training; well, the student was voicing her opions loudly concerning her needs. To give her some perspective I said, "I've trained here for over five years and Sensei hasn't worked much with me", which was true, whereas she routinely received personal instruction.
Well, Sensei tapped his forehead and told me I was getting it through direct transmission. Sounds like alien radio waves, or something to do with banking. I'm a westerner and have since tried to read up on this term but without real satisfaction. What is direct transmission? Or what is it hypothetically? Or is it a Sensei way of blowing off students they don't want to spend their time on? Or maybe just a party joke? Yet he seemed sincere... Thoughts anyone? Much appriciated

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