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Re: jealous wife is cramping my teaching style

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
IMHO, jealousy is about your mate's insecurity. Unless of course she has some legitimate reason to be jealous.

Does she feel loved and the top priority in your life?
Ask her.
Reassure her she is.
(She is, isn't she?)
I think Lynn may have pondered some good points thar.....

Does your wife come before aikido? If yes then take those points.....
If no and there are some underlying insecurities then trouble is bound to come......

Like above my wife was also a student and partner in teaching..... until she retired from aikido to concentrate on bringing up our children......

In that time I have had mostly a mixture of young males and females join the dojo as they were students studying for degrees and so forth..... we also had end of year bbq's, xmas parties and the like usually instigated by either myself or my wife and even the students.....

Seems to me its a matter of trust....... any past issues of a similar nature?

Do you always accord the same attention to all your students regardless of gender?

If no........ then you will always have this problem if your partner is of a possessive nature and has no interest in aikido...... seen this kind of thing happen in the past with an ex student who started his own dojo ..... after a few years his wife found out about his infidelity and oh my..... did he get it in the neck!!

Good luck

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