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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

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Funny how threads mimic human beings. At first young... full of curiosity and then.... the certainty of knowledge coupled with the insecurity of inexperiance of the teen years.... Followed by the endless formation and deconstrution of life experiance and philosophy.... until finally after much "back and forth" growth... Threads obtain the wisdom of a sage's long life....

Sadly then last phase of growth often includes dementia....

I will not be attending the funeral.

William Hazen
Yes and then you forgot the other "human trait" of accuacy.

First, not "mimics human beings", but mimics (in your context) the cycle of a human being's life (loosely, in the most general context). Of course, forgiving all the variables and exception to your model, the more time goes by, the more folks are learnng about "dementia" ( 70 is the new 60, 60 is the new 50, 50 is the new 40, etc), but I digress, because I see your intent- to say that, in general, threads follow a pattern and then end up in babble. Amen.

Oh yeah, another human trait....when they don't understand something, they ridicule it.

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