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Re: Ukemi off the mat

I was hoping I wouldn't have to make an update to this thread this year, but was expecting that I would probably have to.

During the week of Christmas, as we were driving to a friends' holiday party, I did something very stupid which caused me to slip on ice.

While getting gas at the gas station, I tried to step over the fuel line to get from the back of my car to the front of the car. The terrain was very icy, and as I stepped over, I completely lost traction with the other foot.

Before I knew it, I was on the ground, my hands in front of me. I came down on the flat part of my knee, right above the shin and below the kneecap. It certainly hurt like hell for a few days but no permanent injuries. I didn't even bruise all that much, oddly enough.

The more I think about it the more I think I was just lucky, but it was nice to think that maybe, just maybe, some of my training is actually sinking in. Clearly not the martial aspect, or else I'd never done something so stupid that was pretty much guaranteed to get me injured. Ah well.

Happy New Year everybody!
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