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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
Is there another category available?
Lots of them.

Perhaps you'd like to explain what you meant by that post? I don't understand it.
The "sit down at the corner..." one?

It was a joke*: Someone calls O Sensei an aiki bunny. O Sensei (who by all acounts had a quick temper) says "You're next for ukemi!".

Or the one when I somewhat implied O Sensei was senile?

You have never considered the posibility O Sensei could have became senile at advanced age like many other human beings? He had cancer, like lots of people; the posibility of him having other kind of health issues, like senility, can't be considered?. Why? Was he above nature?

There's nothing "wrong" with becoming senile... It's the nature at work.

Did't you noticed the in the post?

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