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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

Clarence Couch wrote: View Post
My point is very simple, I don't believe there's anough folks here who have used Aikido often enough in combat to say how effective it is in combat, but I see other folks taking advantage of this thread to further their own agendas. Alot oif stuff has been discussed thathave b=nothing to do with the topic, so I's just merely trying to get the thread back onto being thread specific. My question stands- Who has been in combat and used Aikido with enough regularity to say for sure if Aikido is effective in combat?
I believe you're correct about Aikido having not been used much in combat (particularly after reading Ledyard Sensei's post). I'm not sure you're correct that folks have to have used it in combat to discuss whether or not it has a place there and why or why not. Under that premise, being fairly new to Aikido yourself, you wouldn't have much cause to talk about Aikido at all, would you not? Particularly in light of your comments in various threads to people who have been training in Aikido for years and years; who have the experience-based authority you yourself haven't even come close to having. Am I off base here?
I admire your passion Gene, but it seems to make sense to me why there's an air of combativeness surrounding your conversations.
Please forgive my presumption, but I'm betting if you tried a different tone you might find whatever it is you're looking for a little easier (communication happens better when there's a relaxed connection...kinda like Aikido). Just trying to help...