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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

Clarence Couch wrote: View Post
. My question stands- Who has been in combat and used Aikido with enough regularity to say for sure if Aikido is effective in combat?
My definition of combat would include 3 multi-person street fights I've been involved in since I started the art. Win,win,win......

It would also include training in aiki and working with gang kids on a daily basis and leading them to ah-ha moments that result in spending their time finding and getting legitimate jobs at the supermarket for union wages rather than gang-banging. One less headline.

It would also include reducing the amount of pain and confusion I experience from the wreckage of my earlier life; which one might easily (and do) define it as a battlefield. There are many wars going on in this world. Most of them relate to 'the inner war', if not immediately, then eventually.

I think George's post covered some of these things, too.

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