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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

Extremely insightful second post George. I'm happy you decided to post more than once for the year.

These are concepts that I have been working on for quite some time and the role of fear and tension on various levels have become a focal point as I realize that there is a lot that can be learnt in this area to get a deeper appreciation of what may need to be addressed in training in light of our ultimate goal.

I have learned a lot by watching how the Systema folks practice. In my opinion the purpose of Systema training is the same as it is for Aikido. But I think that in many ways they do a better job of it. Right from day one there is an emphasis on developing an awareness of the tension we carry in our minds and bodies and they work constantly to learn to move that energy and release it.
This has become very central to my personal training of late. Very interesting results so far.

This was another great post by Erick:
But aikido is emphatically not about non-attachment. When the Founder said "true budo is love" -- that is the answer -- complete connection -- the opposite of detachment.
I was wondering though, if we seek complete connection with someone in a situation of threat or danger (iow we may be hurt on some level), then is it safe to say that we detach ourselves from our sense of self-preservation to some extent? In other words, it is a move towards detachment from the ego? In this light even though we do not seek detachment from the other person (to facilitate complete connection), we do seek detachment from our self in that we cannot be worried about what may happen to us if this connection is not completely safe (i.e. the person uses the connection to hurt us).

We need to learn how to stop turning everything we do into conflict in order to survive as a species. I see no other reason to do the art if it isn't about that.
Quite true. The trick is translating this from general theory into specific elements of training so that we can make this a reality in the world we live in every day, wherever we may be at the time.


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