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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

William Hazen wrote: View Post
Thanks Sensei...

This comes very close to being Aikido's "mission statement."


That is what Shoji Nishio called Yurusu Budo "The Budo of Acceptance."
I call it a method of Radical Acceptance, but only radical if you're hung up in worldly ways of thinking, like I can be. It is pretty natural when you're tuned in to a Do or Tao like approach. But then it's the Art of Approach, which I also think of it as.

Which brings me back to my original post on the "Effectivness of Aikido in a combat situation." All the Budo platitudes aside it has no real place in modern combat "situation" There is no Aikido "Practice" with automatic weapons, morter fire, air strikes, nuclear weapons, suicide bombers, on one end of the scale or alcoholism, severe child abuse,gang rape,drive by shootings, or genocide on the other.
Which is where I think the radical acceptance part comes in, because sometimes you just have to let ugliness dissolve on it's own accord without feeding it too much energy; kinda like a bad dream or an imaginary friend when you're a child.(Not to avoid it, but to engage that which rests behind it. So ,please, nobody go thinking I'm saying something I ain't ) At some point something more substantive and alive takes it's place. To my mind that relates to a latter part of your post.

I used to see that poster of the hands grasping wrists with the Quote "A way to change the world" in some Aikido Dojos and think to myself "How fracking arrogent is that!"
Very frackin' arrogant if you think trying to change the world around you is going to do anything except manipulate it to your projected sense of 'right and wrong'.; which is likely fragemented and off the mark. Training Budo is certainly a way of getting to know the mechanics of your nature and that leads to an inner freedom which incidentally leads to accepting that their is sh*t in this world and knowing when or when not to act. Simply focusing on it and it calling it bad names doesn't bring out our goodness truth, or beauty.

As a philosphy and a way of living it has promise... The same as any religious or spiritual practice. That promise falls upon the shoulders of the person who subscribes to the "way" and like any other human endeavor it's up to the person to live it.
Like a marriage to my mind. Aikido is an Art of Engagement which encompasses life, death, generation, decay, radical acceptance, approach, sustainability, maximum benevolence, self-sacrifice (sutemi), neutrality, & organic activity.

And so to my mind it redefines what combat may need to become; an act of inclusion rather than dominance. Which then ties it in to evolution (not to bring up that sore subject again), for me.

To expect Aikido to be the end all be all and to change the world is folly...What we really need to do is use it to change ourselves.
Yes, expectations can sink even the best of relationships. And, I think changing ourselves comes from engaging in an ever increasing level of honesty that can lead to remembering who we all are, God's precious children.

William Hazen
Thanks William. You Rock!

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