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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I share your hypothesis Jennifer.

Have you by chance read "In Search of the Warrior Spirit"?

Dr Strozzi-Heckler covers alot of this in that book.
Yes, fortunately I have. It indeed came to find again in the context of this conversation.

This links to Amazon Book:

The good news is that the Army has instituted the Modern Army Combatives Program, which is a form of budo. Although I am not sure how many people identify with it for the reasons you state, but it is a step in the direction.
That's interesting. I'll look into it. I think it can be a great advantage when people don't know the benefits of what they are doing to begin with. It doesn't give their 'defensive mind' (or ego defenses) a chance to get in the way.

}The army also has started a whole program on "Battlemind" as well.


While we might not recognize it in the form we see in the dojo, there are things that are being done these days.
If they are based on Budo principles and codes I might recognize them.

I agree though that for many, budo and particularly Aikido, for the reasons Dr Strozzi-Heckler outlines in his book would be a good thing too!
I am so glad to hear that from you. I believe there will be an even greater need in the future and it would be great to have experienced people in a position to share their skills and collected wisdom.

Thanks for your thoughtful response!


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