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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
You're speaking as if passive-aggressiveness is some milder form of aggression, and that's not really the case. Passive-aggressiveness tends to express itself in situations that, IMO, do not "require some aggression". It expresses itself as a tool for one-upmanship, bullying and harassment.

Chris's point is this: there are a lot of aikido people who have bought the line that aikido is inherently a peaceful practice, and have extrapolated that to mean that they, therefore, are inherently peaceful people...and thus it follows that nothing they do can be construed as attacking others. It's a bit like people who follow the written dictates of a religion while still managing to hate others and behave like bastards. Any organization, belief system, or what have you that encourages the belief that as a practitioner, you're on a Better Way, is subject to this pitfall.
Concur....I see it all the time in Aikido...I can tell you though that this fallacy is inherent in many belief systems and it can affect folks in one of two ways in my experiance in Aikido/Martial Arts One... It's part of a learning curve that everyone goes through when practice aka "Black Belt Disease. Eventually with hard practice and experiance they grow out of it....Two it's like hanging a sign around your neck announcing you're a Martial Arts Dilitantte. The phrase gets thrown around allot as kind of a blanket excuse to make the accuser look like they are coming from a place of higher learning/experiance and is a sub-fallacy of Argumentum Ad Athoritum.

In my counseling experiance Acute Passive Agressive Behaviour can be a sign that you're dealing with a sociopath or more often than not someone who has an underlying issue that needs to be addressed and delt with/recover from.

Sorry to get off topic but I love your insight Mary.

William Hazen