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Re: How truly refreshing - Tohei K. on conflict resolution

[quote]The only reason I brought up Terry was because the "train story" was brought up again, as the trump card in the discussion. [/QUOTE}

No. It was not brought up as a trump card. It was brought up as a relative thought and I believed some people who hadn't read it might enjoy it. Not a thing more. I can accept you took it that way. As a matter of fact, I guess I knew you would. But what am I 'sposed to do about that?

I've thought a bit about your tone over the last few days and I came to this idea:
I do think you brought it up because you have a bone to pick with what you perceive as a general malaise on the part of aikidoka and an unrealistic idea that may people have about what training should bring and what 'peace' means.

Ahh - I can't help it. My fingers are moving. I must write another anecdote . . .. I swear by all that is holy that this is true, and that Terry only figures into it because - - - well, you'll see.
I was riding on a train in Japan (see, I knew you wouldn't believe me!). It was the Sobu line - I was coming home from kick boxing practice (quelle horrible!!!), tired, oh so tired, hanging on a strap of the train. A muscular Japanese man got on the train, dressed in a camie jacket, his mouth in a snarl. He took a look at me, and without a word, slugged me in the stomach. I was in such good shape, then, that it didn't hurt. It's hard to be mad (well, harder) when you aren't hurt. I grabbed his forearm and told him, "If you try anything like that again, I'll have to hurt you." He struggled and cursed at me, and in the process, dropped a book he was carrying.
I thought of Terry. I thought of the train story. Compassion. Conflict resolution. And so, I let him go, bent my knees (I did keep my eyes on him), picked up his book and said, "You dropped this. Looks like a valuable book."
His eyes widened. He took the book, his face softened, and he said to me, "You are a good guy. Hey, let's say you and I go get a few drinks, and then grab some woman and rape her."

I will repeat. This story is absolutely true. I simply walked off the train at the next stop. Yet another occasion when I still wonder if the moral response should have been - - - well, I have another story about that in Dueling with Osensei.
Good stories all. And there is no quibble from me, as I honestly said, I've got a lot of war stories, too. And I mean what I said when I pointed out that we are all 'real people being real'. I believe I alluded to my point of view that we are not demi-gods setting some moral standard. We are people becoming more truly ourselves. For each person that is different. And If I didn't say it explicitly before. I'm saying it now.


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