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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

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OK. I really have never understood thiscomplaint, but it keeps being made. It is a MARTIAL art for pity's sake. Aggression is hardly objectionable as such. It is the STYLE of the aggression that you dislike.

Do we really mean that passive-aggressive is worse than the bloody-handed brutal-minded kind? Is it really preferable (strategically, ethically, economically etc.) to handle all situations requiring some aggression with nothing less than a headlong, full-throated, frontal assault?
You're speaking as if passive-aggressiveness is some milder form of aggression, and that's not really the case. Passive-aggressiveness tends to express itself in situations that, IMO, do not "require some aggression". It expresses itself as a tool for one-upmanship, bullying and harassment.

Chris's point is this: there are a lot of aikido people who have bought the line that aikido is inherently a peaceful practice, and have extrapolated that to mean that they, therefore, are inherently peaceful people...and thus it follows that nothing they do can be construed as attacking others. It's a bit like people who follow the written dictates of a religion while still managing to hate others and behave like bastards. Any organization, belief system, or what have you that encourages the belief that as a practitioner, you're on a Better Way, is subject to this pitfall.