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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Is Aikido a "vehicle to enlightenment"? I am a proponent of Aikido. There are lots of things about it that I think are awesome. I think its philosophy has the possibility to help enlighten.

But most Aikidoka are arrogant and egotistical. Most Aikidoka are passive aggressive, angry people. Sure everyone talks about love and harmony, but as soon as things become challenging or different we often become a hateful lot.
OK. I really have never understood thiscomplaint, but it keeps being made. It is a MARTIAL art for pity's sake. Aggression is hardly objectionable as such. It is the STYLE of the aggression that you dislike.

Do we really mean that passive-aggressive is worse than the bloody-handed brutal-minded kind? Is it really preferable (strategically, ethically, economically etc.) to handle all situations requiring some aggression with nothing less than a headlong, full-throated, frontal assault?


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