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Re: Things To Tell A New Aikido Student

139. So-called advanced students learn just as much from newbies (whether they know it or not) - so don't feel bad about "using up their time"
140. We are all beginners
141. Train with everybody at every practice
142. At seminars, train with everybody except students from your own dojo (do compare notes afterwards).
143. If you don't know your partner's name, present yourself. Do so at each technique until your know everybody's name.
144. Do likewise with the name of techniques, attacks, direction, etc.
145. Get yourself some zoris and keep your feet clean (whatever is brought unto the tatami with the feet, you can bet your face will be pressed into it)
146. Ditto with sweat (except use a cloth, not the zoris...)
147. Don't worry if you hear 'oh yes, that hurt good... do it again'. You'll be saying the same soon enough.
148. Helping out with the running of the dojo is part of practice
149. Pay your dues on time (even ahead of time...)
150. Outside the dojo, resist the urge to show what you've learnt - rather invite those friends to the dojo to watch or try for themselves

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