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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

William Hazen wrote:

The whole point would be just to survive. Modern Combat is so horrible that our Armed Forces try as hard as possible to use technology to "stand off" conflicts between our soldiers and enemy combatants.

How Aikido would factor in such a scenario is beyond me.
Yea, but we have "discovered" in the last several years that technology doesn't always work. It wins the battle but not the war.

I put "discovered" in quotes. Come on...Rangers know this best!

Major Robert Rogers
Francis Marion
J.S. Mosby
William O Darby

The four SOF Truths (Special Operations Forces)

1. Humans are more important that hardware
2. Quality is better than quantity
3. Competent special operations forces cannot be created after a crisis occurs.
4. Special operations forces cannot be mass produced.

There are varying opinions in the military about what it takes to truely win a war. It takes the right skill sets to win the hearts and mind and to reconcile bad situations. Hopefully before they even start.

This is true victory.

I'd say the same applies to Budo and Aikido, which is why I study it. I have hope that we can produce human beings with the above qualities even outside a military situation, that we will become a better world.

Alas, many of you are correct....I think what we are actually doing in Budo escapes many, or they don't reallly care. Budo is hard work, mentally and physically if you are really practicing budo!